Is it possible to score 90/90 in PTE?

  • Is it possible to score 90/90 in PTE?

    • January 4, 2021

    Well, honest and straightforward, the answer is YES. I took the test to prove this to myself and aced the perfect score in every single module.

    Pearson Test of English is famous amongst those seeking immigration to Australia and New Zealand and the reason the PTE is preferred over IELTS is because most test-takers find it easier to score 79 plus in PTE in all modules against a Band 8 in IELTS. Writing, which is challenging for many in IELTS, may find PTE writing a lot simpler. The same can be said for speaking too. However, it is wrong to assume that a person without the necessary English language skills can still score big in PTE, but not IELTS. One must have a good command of the language, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and communication. But that is a topic for exploration for another day.

    The PTE test design is such that it is convenient for candidates to score the maximum score of 90. It may not be truly possible with the other English language tests, where a human examiner’s bias certainly plays a minuscule role. PTE graded through a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence program, eliminates this bias. This is what every PTE test taker should take advantage of. Bear in mind; you are dealing with a computer/ a software/ a program.

    With the right training, the candidate is aware of what needs to be done, what should certainly be avoided, and what is alright even when you falter. An in-depth understanding of every question type, the enabling skills graded for each question, contributing to the communicative skill scores, is necessary. In the PTE, the score is between 10 and 90. The communicative skills are assessed on four modules Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Enabling skills graded are Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Written Discourse.

    Also, PTE is increasingly being accepted in many Universities and colleges worldwide for those seeking admission to study abroad.

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