Study in Netherlands

  • The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leading countries for international education, is additionally one of the first industrialized countries with a booming economy and excellent job opportunities.
  • The Country is additionally often mentioned as “The Gateway To Europe” because it is centrally located within the Europeans Continent.
  • Thirteen among the globally ranked universities are located in Netherlands and it has also given this world 12 Nobel Prize Laureates.
  • About 95% of its locals speak in English, making it a cushy and stable destination for international students.
  • Compared with other western European locations, the coast of living within the Netherlands is comparatively low.
  • Being the home to rich traditions and famous Universities, Netherlands is considered to be a knowledge hub.
  • A Diploma from a Dutch University provides a chance to start one’s own business and may be very useful in terms of getting a successful career in any country of the planet.
  • An Internationally and multicultural environment.
  • Affordable Study costs.
  • Innovative teaching methods.
  • Affordable living expenses.
  • A wide selection of degrees taught in English.
  • Excellent Opportunities for Travel.
  • Internationally recognized degrees.
  • The Netherlands, one among the safest countries within the world, features a large community of international students.

After graduating from a Netherlands University, the scholars also can apply for a post-study work visa for one year.

Top Universities In Netherlands

  1. University of Twente
  2. Tilburg University
  3. Radboud University
  4. Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  5. Maastricht School of Management
  6. Utrecht University
  7. Erasmus University Rotterdam
  8. University of Amsterdam
  9. Vrije University Amsterdam
  10. Delft University of Technology
  11. Leiden University
  12. Wageningen University and Research

Popular Courses

  1. Bachelors in electrical and electronic engineering
  2. Bachelors in Computing Science
  3. Masters in environment and energy management
  4. Masters in Industrial design Engineering
  5. Masters in Bussiness Adminstration
  6. Masters in Bio –medical Sciences
  7. Masters in finance and Accounting

Top Places in Netherland

  1. Gouda
  2. Rotterdam
  3. Groningen
  4. Haarlem
  5. Utrecht
  6. Maastricht
  7. The Hague
  8. Delft
  9. Leiden
  10. Amsterdam

Higher education within the Netherlands is understood for its international approach and its top quality. The Country has one among the most important offers of English- taught University Courses in Continental Europe.

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