Why Study in France

  • Why Study in France

    • January 4, 2021

    France is home to the best institutions in the world, a melting pot of diverse cultures. The tuition fee and cost of living is affordable despite being one of the highly advanced and industrialized nations in Europe. One of the other reasons to look at France is that the student does not need to provide IELTS for admission, though having an IELTS score can have a positive impact while filing visa. Also, students need not worry about the GRE/GMAT while planning for an Engineering or a Business major. But it depends on the program requirements and the Institution. The student while applying to France do not need to learn the French language as a pre-requisite for studies.  Unlike Germany, France does not place any need for the student to have completed French language training before admission. Though as an educational consultant I highly recommend that student take French language training to understand the French Culture as well as to help them secure part-time work.

    The most unique feature of studying in France is the curriculum is more focused on experiential learning through internships or study abroad period. The student has an opportunity to intern or to study abroad for 4 to 6 months. The successful completion of the internship or study-abroad pursued by the student helps them to successfully complete their master’s degree. Whereas internships in other countries preferred by students like Canada, Australia, UK, must be earned or else they must finish the program as a normal course-based or a project-based program.

    Campus France has scholarships like the Charpak Scholarship to support deserving students to pursue a French Degree. The most imorotant question on every student’s mind is of the post study work visa. Here also France trumps other European countries providing students with a two-year post study work visa. The icing on the cake is that there is an extension of the post study work visa to another five years, it is a multiple entry work visa if the student has graduated from a Grande Ecole.

    France has been one of the few countries to open the door to international students post Covid-19 Lockdown. With the implementation of the bilateral agreement between France and India to mutually recognize French and Indian qualifications, it heralds a new era of opportunities for Indian students, who might be worried if their degree would be valid in India when they seek opportunities back home. Please do visit the Campus France website for further details here.

    The major intakes for France are September and January, the applications for September are open now. Email us at paul.augustine@torahventures.in for starting your admission process.

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