Why Study in UK

  • Why Study in UK

    • December 28, 2020

    UK geographically stands for, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. Each of these individual countries are home to the best institutions in the world, having one of the largest South Asian populations outside the Asian Subcontinent. Its home to a diaspora that has added a new dimension to UK a major superpower in Engineering, Science, Finance and Arts. It is truly melting pot of not only diverse cultures, languages of the home nations but also has a rich and varied history. Four out of ten Nobel Laurates year on year have been from Higher Education Institution from the UK. The tuition fee and cost of living is affordable despite being a highly advanced and industrialized nation in the world. The popular programs have been in engineering, arts, science both in under-graduation and post-graduation. In under-graduation the program student can opt a 3-year program or a 4-year program. The institutes provide with a year of internship or study abroad during the 3rd year of a 4-year program. There are also Sandwich programs which lead to a master’s in engineering at the end of five years of study. This does not equate to a master’s degree in Science, it’s an oft repeated misunderstanding students have about this sandwich course, this is due to the fact that when comparing the credit hours for both programs the hours for the sandwich Master’s degree relatively are short. The other reasons to look at UK is the plethora of options in terms of subjects or majors to pursue in both under-graduation and post-graduation.

    The student does not need to provide IELTS for admission if he has passed from International Baccularate, ICSE or CBSE with 70% in 12th standard for an under-graduation program or for a post-graduate program, but this depends on the institution and requirements of the program, though having an IELTS score can have a positive impact while filing visa. Also, students need not worry about the GRE/GMAT while planning for an Engineering or a Business major in Post-graduation. The student can accept part-time work, during their studies. But as an educational consultant my suggestion is that student avoid this as much as possible.

    The most unique feature of studying in the UK is the curriculum is more focused on experiential and cohort learning through internships or study abroad period. The student has an opportunity to intern or to study abroad for 4 to 6 months. The successful completion of the internship or study-abroad pursued by the student helps them to successfully complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree.

    UK has diverse range of scholarships like the Great Britain scholarship, the Chevening Scholarship etc. to support deserving students to pursue a UK Degree. The most important question on every student’s mind is of the post study work visa. With the BREXIT there were huge ramifications for UK, therefore they have extended the three month to a 2 year post study work visa.

    UK has been one of the few countries to open the door to international students post Covid-19 Lockdown. With the country also starting to provide vaccination to battle the COVID-19 strain and despite a new strain we hope that the vaccinations will halt the progress of the virus. It does provide a new era of opportunities for Indian students.

    The major intakes for UK are September and January, there are Universities which have intakes in March/April/May, but the major is the one in September. The applications for September are open now. Email us at [email protected] for starting your admission process.

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